Art Buying


We work with you privately to purchase art from local artists.

Over the last 15 years Graeme Berglund has worked with over 1200 artists from Vancouver and abroad. Through his Vancouver based event The Cheaper Show, four years of co-directing Black & Yellow Gallery, his inclusion in various additional art events and extensive travels he has worked with a wide range of artists from emerging to established professionals. This experience has given Graeme a unique survey of local and international talent.

Graeme and his team work with individuals in an intimate manner to help them purchase original artwork ranging from a single piece to entire collections. They primarily draw works from the unassailable talent of Vancouver and Western Canadian artists within a myriad range of methods, materials and scale. They work with both corporate and private art collections, as well as first time buyers; all with different art needs and budgets making art accessible for all. Our team ensures that all transactions are discreet and completed in a manner that is transparent to the client and all involved parties.

Client or Artist; to learn more about our services, please contact Acquisitions Manager, Jamie Smith.




Jamie Smith

Art Acquisitions Manager

Jamie Smith is a practicing artist, cultural events producer and arts educator. She has resided abroad in the last 3 years, teaching art and hosting events throughout the Middle East, Europe, South America, South East Asia. She returns to Vancouver with much knowledge and experience from her extensive travels. She holds degrees in Fine Arts from University of Victoria and Arts Education from University of British Columbia. Jamie has produced many arts related events since her return to the city and looks forward to continuing to service the local art sector in many facets.

Elliat Albrecht

Art Acquisitions Consultant

Elliat Albrecht is a curator, writer and arts educator with a BFA in Critical and Cultural Practices (Minor in Curatorial Studies) from Emily Carr University of Art and Design in Vancouver. Elliat’s steadfast passion and knowledge is evident in the way she connects community to art through thoughtfully constructed exhibitions, writing, and educational initiatives. Her penchant for client relationships and her connection to emerging and established artists provides a solid foundation for strategic collection development.


Graeme Berglund is an outstanding artist in Vancouver and Lynn and I are pleased to be clients. We have joined a growing roster of supporters. Not only does Graeme do important art but he has supported many other artists through his innovative event, The Cheaper Show. Vancouver is fortunate to have Graeme as a dynamic force in our artistic community.

Sam Sullivan

Former Mayor of Vancouver

Working with Graeme, Jamie and Elliat was a very simple pleasure that started with trust and a clear understanding of tastes, textures, and understanding of light & space that we imagine for our collection. We intend for this relationship to be long-term and evolutionary, which Graeme’s lengthy background and knowledge supports, providing us with confidence.

Dario Meli


Joanna Riquett

Founder of Hayo Magazine

For many collectors and collecting advisors art is about investment and status. For Graeme and his team, art is both a passion and a connector – they are interested in matching art to individual passions – they will support you in finding art that speaks of you as an individual – art that connects to your stories and your way of life. The best art to own is that which speaks to your core emotional being, and which brings more of that being out of you. And, in many cases Graeme and his team are able to forge a personal link between the buyer and the creator – an added bonus that brings meaning and a sense of contribution to specific individuals. Many art buyers can tell you what the market says you should buy; these guys tell you what will bring you joy and meaning.

Bruce Haden