Graeme Bio Photo (photo by Sydney Gregoire)

Graeme Berglund has held several roles in his life as Painter, Sculptor, Musician, Illustrator, Creative Director, Curator, Writer, Gallery Director, Public Speaker, Art Buyer, Art Instructor, Animator, Creative Consultant, Executive Director, Producer, Promoter, and City of Vancouver Arts and Culture Policy Council Member. He co-founded The Cheaper Show (with Steve “Breadman” Cole and Micahel “Syx” Langeman), Black & Yellow Gallery (with Jessica Delorme), The Thieves Dinner (with Jesse Savath), The Emerging Arts Foundation (with Steve Rio), Ce Soir Noir (with George Vergette) and Cartelera Talent House (with Jeff Lee Petry and Abbas Ahkavan). He has been a featured public speaker at Vancouver’s Pecha Kucha, Pecha Kucha All Stars, Sam Sullivan’s Public Salon, CreativeMix and Big Mouth. He makes sounds in the pop music project shit_eyes. He and his collaborators have sold the work of over 1200 Vancouver-based and international artists. His artwork has been acquired by some of the most acclaimed collections in Canada. He maintains his studio practice in Mt. Pleasant, East Vancouver.